• Daawat Brown Rice

    Daawat Brown is a ‘niche’ market product that is primarily for those consumers who are health conscious. Nutritionists and dieticians are now increasingly recommending brown rice as an excellent source of all-round nutrition.

  • Daawat AROMATIC Rice

    Daawat Aromatic is a distinct variety of rice with a distinctive fragrance. In the 1990s, aromatic rice began to explode on the popular market, leading to increased consumer demand due to its unique flavor. It can be used as an alternate to Basmati rice for bringing flavour and aroma to meals.

  • Daawat BASMATI Rice

    The word "Basmati" is a Hindi word which means "the fragrant one". It has a fine aromatic flavor and is the world's most demanded rice. Daawat Basmati's unique taste and texture makes it most preferred amongst consumers. It’s excellent cooking characteristics allow for almost any savory rice dish and are perfect for countless rice recipes across the globe.

  • Daawat Long Grain Rice

    Daawat Long grain rice is non basmati rice which is carefully grown in natural climatic conditions. It is harvested by hand before being hygienically processed using advanced techniques. This category of rice constitutes about 70% of the world rice trade and is consumed mostly in the third world countries due to its economic value.

  • Daawat Biryani Rice

    Daawat Biryani is rice that has an excellent aroma and cooking characteristic. It is also more economical to Basmati or Aromatic. Daawat Biryani may be used to cook a variety of dishes and is a perfect presentation to any meal.